Due to poor road conditions, all schools will be closed Wednesday, January 18, 2017.

All elementary and junior high after school activities and events have been canceled for January 18, 2017.

Activities and events scheduled at the high school may take place at the discretion of the coach/advisor. Please contact your coach/advisor directly for more information.

Lunch Payment Policy 

A computerized accounting system is used at all schools. Each student has a PIN/barcode assigned to them.

Payments can be made on-line through Skyward Family Access by clicking here and using the log-in provided by your school office. Click here for instructions on how to make a payment. Accounts are family accounts. If sending payments to school, please send payments with the oldest child.  You may put any sum of money on your child's account and it will remain on the account until he/she eats off their account. 

Your account must have a positive balance in order to serve lunches to your students.  When your child goes through the breakfast/lunch/ala carte line, the appropriate cost will be deducted from your account.  Students approved for free/reduced meals will be charged appropriately for the 1st meal, but must pay full price for any additional meal or ala carte items.

The district's automated phone calling system will notify families when the balance is $3.00 or less.  If the family cannot be contacted by phone, a letter will be sent.

Policy on Charging Lunches

An unpaid food service debt that is sixty or more days past due will be taken to the finance committee for possible action. Any charges associated with a small claims court filing or fees charged by a collection agency shall be added to the unpaid debt due the district. The district will delay such action when a parent(s)/guardian(s) agrees to eliminate the debt by making timely payments in accordance with an alternative payment plan authorized by the Food Service Department.

Elementary Students:
No more than three (3) charges are allowed per student. After the 3rd charge, elementary students will be served a peanut butter sandwich and milk until the account is paid in full. The appropriate cost for the sandwich and milk will be deducted from the family account.

If after one week the parent(s)/guardian(s) fails to provide the student with a bag lunch or lunch money, school district personnel may be asked to intercede on behalf of the student(s). If the parent(s)/guardian(s) continues to fail to provide the student with a bag lunch or lunch money after school district personnel have interceded on behalf of the student(s), the district will file a report with the Portage County Health and Human Services department or other appropriate agency.

Secondary Students and Adults:
Secondary students and adults will not be allowed to charge lunches.

ADOPTED: November 13, 2000