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SPASH Library

Annual Book Swap

April 18 & 19 

What exactly is a book swap?  What do I have to do to participate in it? 

Where will it be held?  Does it cost money?



1. Go through your home collection of slightly used hardcover or paperback books you want to donate to the book swap.  Please ask your family’s permission before you bring a book that may be wanted at home. 

2.   Beginning April 8th, bring these books to school and deposit them in your English teacher’s book swap box or in the library.

3.   Receive a “book buck” from your teacher or librarian for each paperback or 2 bucks for each hardcover book that you donate.

4.   Keep your ticket(s) you have received for donating book(s).  Attend the book swap on April 18th & 19th in the SPASH Library.  English classes may sign up with the librarian for times to bring their class to the book swap.

5.   Choose a new book to read.  Cash in your tickets.

6.   Teachers will be given extra book bucks to hand out to students as “rewards” to spend at the book swap.  

7.   Books may also be brought in the day of the book swap. 


Hardcover books = 2 bucks Paperback books = 1 buck


There is no cost other than donating a book that you have finished reading and no longer care to own.  Books must be age appropriate for 10th grade and up. We will not accept:  children’s books, textbooks, magazines, or books with extreme violence or pornography. Books must be in good to slightly used condition.   The librarian has final discretion in determining the acceptability of a book.  If you have any questions please call Beth Molski @ 345-5406. 


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