Due to poor road conditions, all schools will be closed Wednesday, January 18, 2017.

All elementary and junior high after school activities and events have been canceled for January 18, 2017.

Activities and events scheduled at the high school may take place at the discretion of the coach/advisor. Please contact your coach/advisor directly for more information.


5TH GRADE  - 2008-2009 


Diana Greene -- Elementary Computer/Keyboarding Teacher Coordinator Reinforce touch typing, manipulation of the computer keyboard, beginning word processing skills, and adaptability to classroom teachers’ curriculum needs. 3 weeks 1st Semester - 3 weeks 2nd Semester (every day) Software: MS-Office 8 - 15 sessions per semester = 30 Sessions (approximately) Book: I Can Keyboard or PAWS or teacher generated material 15+ sessions per year (@ 30-60 min sessions) depending on school population. Sessions dependent upon students’ abilities and classroom teachers’curriculum needs. First Semester = 3-week session Session 1 Home row Keys: asdf jkl; word processing begins Create document, save document 2 Open document, save document 3 Continue above Review 4 to 6 letters per session 4 5 As needed 6 7 8 caps lock ? “ ‘ ! 9 Tab, #s location Jobs 10 Projects 11 12 13 14 15 Second Semester = 3-week session Session 1 2 3 Review as needed -Adjusted as necessary in each school 4 5 6 7 Evaluation 8 Evaluation 9 Timing 10 Faster review in book 11 12 13 Projects – Integration with LA, SC, SS 14 Power Point or other software, 15 Graphics, Cut & Paste Classroom teachers follow through integrating computer keyboarding skills with their classroom activities. Students should be in the computer lab once a week or more. Information is keyed into the computer. Whenever typing words or sentences, fingers should be on home row.