The mission of the Boston School Forest is to provide the youth of Stevens Point area schools educational opportunities that foster personal growth as well as awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of the natural world leading to sound stewardship of the earth.

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Planting a New Generation at Boston School Forest

The Boston School Forest (BSF) was established in 1937 when Mr. Harry Boston donated 80 acres of his cropland to the schools of Portage County. For the next 30 years, students planted over 111,000 trees to establish a red pine plantation with a few white pines and spruce trees scattered throughout.

For nearly 80 years, BSF has employed the best forest management practices available to create a sustainable and healthy forest for future generations of students. Cutting down some older trees now opens up space and resources for new trees to grow up tall and strong. On August 25th, 2016 loggers began the 5th thinning of Boston School Forest.

Although the forest will look disrupted for the next couple years, nature has an amazing way of renewing itself. YOU can take part in growing the next generation of trees at BSF! Sponsor a seedling tree to be planted for your children, grandchildren or in memory of someone you love. You may even plant your sponsored seedling tree at the annual Earth Day Event on Sunday, April 23rd, 2017 or we can plant it for you. Thank you for supporting your school forest!

Click on the attachment for the Sponsor Order Form and return to BSF by September 28th. Thank you for your support!

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