Dear Parents/Guardians,


This week, Wednesday, Oct. 8, is International Walk to School Day. Students all around the world will be walking or riding their bicycles to school on this day. Roosevelt has traditionally participated in this event and will be participating again this year.


Roosevelt School, along with the PTO's Safe Routes to School Committee, would like to invite all students to walk or roll to school on Wednesday, Oct. 8. Students who are bussed to school will have the opportunity to walk as they will be dropped off at the Plover Library instead of at school. Adult volunteers and Roosevelt Staff Members will be there to organize a walking bus and then escort the students the rest of the way to school.


As this day approaches, please help your student be prepared. Being prepared means dressing for the weather and having an agreed upon route to school. It also means making sure bicycles are in good working order with the chain lubricated and the tire pressure within the specified range. Also, we strongly encourage and promote the use of BICYCLE HELMETS! Please make sure your student is wearing a helmet this day.


Roosevelt School will continue Walk and Roll Wednesdays from this date forward. On a weekly basis, students will continue to be encouraged to walk or roll to school every Wednesday. Students who ride the bus will be encouraged to walk the track when they arrive at school and/or during their recesses. Classrooms with the highest participation rate, on a weekly basis, will be recognized over the announcements and be awarded the Golden Sneaker. The Golden Sneaker will be displayed in their classroom for the week and until it is awarded to another classroom with a higher participation rate.


Thank you for encouraging your sons/daughters to participate in Walk to School Day. For more information, you can


Have a Wonderful Day!


Mr. R. Greenwood, Principal



Welcome To Roosevelt I.D.E.A. School
  About our school

Roosevelt is one of nine elementary schools in the Stevens Point School District.  Roosevelt is a neighborhood school in Plover.  We have approximately 480 students in grades kindergarten through six.

In addition, Roosevelt is a charter school for Differentiated Instruction.  The acronym IDEA in our school name stands for Instructional Differentiation for Education Achievement.  Roosevelt IDEA School operates as an instrumentality of the Stevens Point School District.  This means that the school district supports our charter school concept.  The school has an approved contract that allows the school all the services and support offered to the other eight elementary schools in the district.

What is Differentiated Instruction?

It is a philosophy of teaching that maintains that all children are different and because of their unique differences, they need diverse materials, curriculum and challenges to meet their individual learning needs. The pioneers of this philosophy used differentiated instruction with gifted/talented students.  After many decades of use, it was proven that the instructional strategies used to differentiate instruction for the gifted/talented students were very effective with all students.  The researcher and author known throughout the United States for her work with Differentiated Instruction is Dr. Carol Ann Tomlinson.  Our charter school is based on many of the tenets of her work.

What can you expect if you attend Roosevelt IDEA School?

If you attend Roosevelt IDEA School you can expect to receive a high quality educational program for your children.  As with the other eight schools elementary school in the district, we offer a rigorous curriculum that is aligned with the Wisconsin State Model Academic Standards.  The core curriculum is enriched by art, music and physical education.  Many opportunities are also available for students to participate in extra-curricular activities such as; sports, adventure education and various clubs.

School Affiliations

Roosevelt IDEA School is known for its parental involvement.  The school is a proud member of the National Network for Partnership Schools which was founded by Joyce Epstein at John Hopkins University.The school also maintains memberships with the National Association for Charter Schools and the Wisconsin Charter School Associations.The school staff meets the federal requirement of "highly qualified staff" having participated in continuous professional development in the areas of reading, math and differentiated instruction.