Home of the Roadrunners!

Principal: Kelly Snyder-Chase


Address: 2200 Wisconsin Ave.

Plover, WI 54467

Phone: (715) 345-5425

Fax: (715) 345-7347


Roosevelt is one of nine elementary schools in the Stevens Point Area Public School District.  Roosevelt is a neighborhood school, located in the village of Plover.  We serve approximately 470 students in grades kindergarten through six.

Elementary school hours are from 9:05 am - 3:35 pm.  Staff is on duty on the playground beginning at 8:45 am each school day.  Please do not allow your child to arrive at school prior to this time, as no adult supervision is available.  

PICK UP / DROP OFF Procedures

Wisconsin Avenue

Wisconsin Avenue, in front of the school, will be closed during drop off and pick up times.  This section of road will be for buses only.  This will ensure that our students are able to board their buses in a safe and timely manner.  Wisconsin Avenue will be closed to regular traffic during the following times:

Morning: 8:30 am - 9:10 am   Afternoon: 3:15 pm – 4:00 pm


School Drive

Students may be dropped off or picked up on School Drive on the school (north) side of the street.  This is a drop off zone, meaning drivers are expected to stay in their cars.  In addition, cars will be asked to pull forward in the line to ensure we are maintaining safe pick up for all students. 


School Drive Parking Lot

The parking lot located off School Drive is available for student drop off and pick up. 


Roosevelt Drive

Students may be dropped off or picked up on Roosevelt Drive on the school (south) side of the street.