Principal:  Ryan Ourada

Address: 3500 Prais St.
Stevens Point, WI, 54481

Phone: (715)345-5426

Fax: (715)345-7353

December Newsletter Posted

11/26-28  Thanksgiving Break NO SCHOOL

Calendar of Events:

12/01 Monday ~ Mrs. Johnson, 1st grade class to Boston School
Forest 9:10-2:00 pm

12/02 Tuesday ~ Mrs. Beversdorf, 1st grade class to Boston School
Forest 9:10-2:00 pm

12/04 Thursday ~ Just Sayin' Club 3:40-5:00 pm

12/05 Friday ~ 10:10 am PJ Jacobs Chamber Orchestra and PJ 
 Patriot Singers perform at Washington School

12/10 Wednesday ~ Early Release Day for Students 12:15 

12/12 Friday ~ 10:20 am PJ Jacobs JH Concert Band perform
  for Washington School

12/18 Thursday ~ Just Sayin' Club 3:40-5:00 pm

12/22 Monday ~ Kindergarten classes Christmas Tea 10:15-11:00
  am. Sing songs and decorate a cookie with family.

12/23 Tuesday ~ 5/6 Unit to Rogers Cinema 9:30-11:45 am
  End of semester incentive (PBIS)

12/24-Jan 2nd Winter break school will reconvene on Monday, January 5th



§  Students may be picked up/dropped off on the school side of St. Paul Street or Wilshire Blvd.  Please pull as far ahead in the loading zone as you can and pull ahead as cars leave.  There is no drop off on Prais St. in the front of the building.

§  When using the loading zones, do not come in to the building.  Please wait at the curb, load up/drop off, and keep traffic moving.

§  If you will be meeting your student at the building, you will need to park in the 2 hour parking zones.  You may not leave your car in the student pick up and drop off zones.  Please designate a consistent door or landmark outside to meet your student and communicate this to them.

§  If you will be entering the building at the end of the day, we ask you to wait until after the bell, use the main entrance on Prais St., stop in the office, and  follow our visitation procedures to ensure the safety of the building and reduce hallway noise and distractions.