SPASH to BF Mornings - Bus 722
SPASH to PJ Mornings - Bus 721

BF to SPASH after school - Bus 710 & 719
PJ to SPASH after school - Bus 717 & 703 


Trainer - Alex Pieczynski
Hours - Tuesday & Thursday 3pm - 4pm



To participate the first day of the 2016-2017 season athletes will need the following materials turned in: 

1. WIAA Physical Card must be on file at Ben Franklin Junior High

A. If your physical is prior to 4/1/2015 it has expired.  A new exam is needed for athletic participation

B. If your physical is dated between 4/1/2015 – 3/30/2016 your physical exam is valid, but an ALTERNATE YEAR CARD signed by a parent/guardian is required

C. If your physical is dated 4/1/2016 or after no new exam or alternate year card is needed at this time

2. The Junior High Athletic Code, WIAA Concussion Form and Alternate Year Card form must be filled out online under your Skyward Family Access account.  Please click on "Online Forms" to fill them out.  If you filled them out for a fall sport there is no need to do again.  If you need a tutorial please find the document under "Charger Documents" located on the Ben Franklin Athletics webpage.

3. Fees must be paid by the day of the first game/meet in order to participate

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