P. J. Jacobs JHS Athletics

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Athletic Schedules for 2014-2015

For instructions on how to receive automatic emails/messages regarding your child's athletic schedule updates, please see the Parent Guide.

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Baseball $150 $50 (8th grade)
Softball $150$50 (8th grade)
Girls Soccer$150N/A
Track $150$50
 Tennis $100$30

Fees must be paid by the day of the first game/meet in order to participate.

**See below for the list of required athletic forms needed in order to participate.

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PM Shuttle Buses

Ben Franklin to PJJ:  9


PJJ to Ben Franklin:  44

PJJ to Bannach:  28 & 30

PJ to SPASH:  3, 15, 27, 41, 42, 113


SPASH to PJs-Busses 1, 4, 22, 23, 28, 30, 55, 57

SPASH to BF-Busses 5, 8, 10, 16, 33, 38, 47, 49

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Ministry Sports Medicine

Athletic Trainer hours at P. J. Jacobs:

Monday, 11:00AM-Noon 

Wednesday, 11:00AM-Noon

Linda Haller

Cell: 715.498.7165

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To participate the first day of the 2014-2015 season athletes will need the following materials turned in:

WIAA Physical Form must be on file at school:

  • If your physical is prior to 4/1/2013 it has expired. A new exam is needed for athletic participation.
  • If your physical is dated between 4/1/2013 – 3/30/2014 your physical exam is valid, but an ALTERNATE YEAR FORM signed by a parent/guardian is required.
  • If your physical is dated 4/1/2014 or after, no new exam or alternate year card is needed at this time.

Emergency Medical Form on file: 

Athletic Code which includes WIAA Concussion Parent/Athlete Agreement

**Note:  All forms, except sports physicals, should be completed online on the Skyward program.